Jennifer Armstrong
May 26, 2009 AT 06:14 PM EDT

CNBC’s doing a special called The Oprah Effect on Thursday about how companies get their wares onto our Queen of Consumer Culture’s show so it’ll sell like mad. The documentary will tell us about folks who tried for seven years to get on the show (clip embedded below) and who were rescued from the brink of bankruptcy by an Oprah mention. I’m totally into this, if only so I can understand how I once ended up so desperate to buy a $56 plain white T-shirtthat not only was I willing to pay $56 for a plain white T-shirt, but Ireturned to the website dozens of times over the next few weeks afterfinding that the second Oprah crowned it the best-fitting cottongarment of all-time, the thing was sold out. (I guess I came out better than Liz Lemon, with her Oprah-approved sweater capes and calypso music.)

How about you, PopWatchers? What senseless stuff has Oprah hypnotized you into purchasing?

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