Annie Barrett
May 27, 2009 AT 08:12 PM EDT

American Idol second runner-up Danny Gokey has expressed interest in competing on Dancing With the Stars. Way to focus on that music career, sweet songbird. Scream on.

I’d like this to not happen, mostly because I was somehow able to avoid peer pressure from Idolatry‘s anti-Gokey brigade and have somehow managed to remain relatively unbothered by Danny Gokey. I gather that he’s a total doofus, but come on — he was an American Idol contestant. I don’t expect American Idol contestants to be cool. Blasphemy, I know, but I’ve found the only way I can digest the show is if my standards are super low. They make my midseason breakthrough revelations — “Wait a minute…Adam Lambert seems smart!” — much more satisfying.

But back to Gokey. I’m not sure I’m ready for another season’s worth of Gokey on the television, especially since (as EW’s DWTS TV Watcher) my fast-forward button would be off-limits. Welcome to Gokey in Real Time, Annie! Gokey getting a spray tan. Gokey mouthing the words to his Viennese Waltz accompaniment. Gokey wedging a meaty palm in Cheryl Burke’s crotch for a probably illegal lift.  I’m sure I’d begin to dislike him in episode 1! I suppose it would be about time.

P-Dubs, what do you think? Should there be a one-reality-show limit for all attention-mongering humans? Would you watch Gokey on DWTS because you love him? Because you hate him? For the sheer spectacle of it all? Would you rather see Scott MacIntyre, who told Slezak he’d want to do DWTS, try it out? Or will you never watch that ridiculous show ever in your life regardless of who’s on it, because YOU’VE GOT STANDARDS, DAMMIT?

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