Clark Collis
May 28, 2009 AT 08:18 PM EDT

I happened to be visiting my British homeland during the first season of the revamped Doctor Who and caught an episode at a friend’s house. “It’s really good,” my chum told me beforehand, adding “It’s so good I usually start crying with joy.” “What an idiot,” thought I. And yet within minutes there we both were sitting on the sofa (or “couch”, if you will) moist-eyed with the sheer thrill that a sci fi show we loved so much as kids had been resurrected in such fantastic fashion. (I should also probably add that, for reasons which need not detain us here, said couch had once belonged to Simon Pegg from Star Trek, Shaun of the Dead and Doctor Who itself. In retrospect it seems a miracle we didn’t create some sort of nerdishness-fuelled black hole.)

Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor in that first season but for the last few years he has been portrayed in brilliant and eccentric fashion by David Tennant. Alas, Tennant recently retired from the role which is a huge blow and if his replacement Matt Smith is even half as good he will be doing well. The good news? According to Variety BBC America have picked up the rights to screen the last five Tennant-starring Who specials. The first, which is called “The Next Doctor”, will be shown on June 27. I caught the show back in the UK last Christmas and it is quite a corker thanks in large part to guest star David Morrissey. A great British actor Morrissey is best known in the UK for his role in the original TV version of State of Play though sadly here he is best known for being That-Dude-In-Basic-Instinct-2.

Check out the UK BBC trailer below and tell us how excited you are (or not!) for Tennant’s Who curtain call(s).

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