Ken Tucker
May 28, 2009 AT 05:46 PM EDT

I watched The Unusuals last night; did anyone else? During its brief time on the air, I’ve become fond of this oddball cop show, especially the interplay between Amber Tamblyn’s Casey and her partner, Walsh, played by Jeremy Renner. The show reminds me a little bit of NYPD Blue crossed with Barney Miller with its shaggy-dog storylines and fine ensemble acting. (Anything that brings the terrific stage actor Terry Kinney back to TV — here playing the New York precinct captain — is OK with me.)

Last night’s episode was typically solid. I’m enjoying the subplot about the cop played by Adam Goldberg who has the least alarming-sounding brain tumor on television. (I had been getting a little tired of Goldberg’s hangdog, monotone style until he grew a cop-moustache and started showing some life on this series.) And last night’s guest star, Shelley Berman playing an octogenarian who goes on a crime spree to feel the vigor of youth, is always welcome: someone should make videos of Berman’s iconoclastic stand-up routines from the 1950s and ’60s available.

ABC has cancelled The Unusuals, but it’ll be around a few more weeks. I’m wondering if you have been enjoying this charming police show.

Anyone watching The Unusuals?

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