Michael Ausiello
May 29, 2009 AT 09:33 PM EDT

The final installment of my Dream Emmy Ballot has arrived, and, not surprisingly, I saved the biggest races for last: best drama and comedy series. Emmy voters, do me a solid and transfer these recommendations onto your official ballots when they go out next week. It may very well be the only thing standing in the way of a ‘Til Death sweep come nominations day July 16. Oh, and if you missed any of my picks in the acting categories, click here to view the entire ballot.

Best Drama
Big Love (HBO): TV’s most addictive, entertaining, and unpredictable family drama.
Breaking Bad (AMC): You’ve heard of the sophomore-season slump? This is its opposite.
Friday Night Lights (DirecTV/NBC): They shot, they scored their best season since the first. Touchdown!
Mad Men (AMC): I don’t remember anything that happened, but I know it looked and sounded brilliant.
Rescue Me (FX): Bounced back from last season’s creative rut by once again stirring the embers of 9/11.
The Shield (FX): One of the most satisfying (and gut-wrenching) TV swan songs ever.

Best Comedy
30 Rock (NBC): Shaky start, but by the end, we were shaking ourselves — with laughter.
The Big Bang Theory (CBS): I still don’t know what the hell string theory is. But I’m laughing, anyway!
Chuck (NBC): You saved the show. Great. Now how’s about saving it from an Emmy snub?
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): The fact that it’s never been nominated is — wait for it — unacceptable.
The Office (NBC): Splitting the office in two was a swell idea. Bringing Amy Ryan back? Even sweller.
Pushing Daisies (ABC): Good idea, good writing, good directing, good acting, good… bye. [Sigh]

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addCredit(“Leary: FX; Pace: Kate Turning/ABC; Britton: Bill Records/NBC; Cuoco: Clif Lipson/CBS; Paxton: Lacey Terrell/HBO”)

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