Michael Slezak
May 29, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

(Possible) controversy alert! Idolatry, EW.com’s humble video series devoted to all things American Idol, is being sucked into the No-Spin Zone. That’s right, Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor will be excerpting our interview with Idol‘s season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert for an episode airing tonight at 8 p.m. EDT (and repeating at 11 p.m.).

I’m not sure what to expect, exactly, but here’s a little context: During my freewheeling, candid Idolatry chat with Mr. Lambert, I had asked if he’d seen an O’Reilly Factor segment from earlier in the season during which host Bill O’Reilly blurred out photos of Adam kissing another man and called them “embarrassing.” When I raised the question “embarrassing to who?” Adam replied, “I wasn’t embarrassed. I guess he was. Bill was embarrassed.” So you know where we’re headed, right? Straight up Molehill Mountain, the land where narcissistic TV hosts grab onto any little soundbite that makes the news about them. And now, here I am, blogging about O’Reilly building a show around an interview I did with an Idol contestant that referenced an O’Reilly segment that was focused on said contestant. Coming soon to your dictionary, next to the word “meta”: A picture of my ridiculous pink dye-job.

O’Reilly’s web site teases their story thusly: “‘Idol’ runner-up Adam Lambert sounds off on Bill! We’ll play you the tape.” Newsflash to fans of The O’Reilly Factor: The interview, in its entirety, is embedded after the jump! Guess there’s no need to tune in to O’Reilly after all!

UPDATE: Color me plum surprised! O’Reilly actually praised Adam for his Idolatry comment that TOF‘s two female contributors gave him props during the telecast in question. But riddle me this: If O’Reilly wants us to believe he truly operates in a “no-spin” zone, how come he neglected to air any of Adam’s Idolatry quotes that could’ve been construed as critical or mocking of the Fox News host? Also, dude needs a serious education about First Amendment. Maybe he should start with this link?

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