EW Staff
May 29, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Will Ferrel will risk humiliation for the sake of a joke faster than you can say ”tightie-whities.” But he’s never risked his life…until now. In an inspired stroke of pre-movie promotion, Ferrell — who battles dinosaurs and Sleestaks in the June 5 comedy Land of the Lost — agreed to test his mettle on the Discovery Channel hit Man vs. Wild. And so, in the June 2 episode, he’ll gamely venture into the frozen wilderness of northern Sweden with adventurer Bear Grylls. What made the former Saturday Night Live star sign on? The idea of going native with a guy who has crawled inside a camel carcass was just too tempting to resist. ”When it was pitched to me, I couldn’t stop laughing,” says Ferrell (who will next film The B Team with Mark Wahlberg). ”I was like, ‘Oh, that might be awful, but I have to do it.”’

Spending 48 hours in frigid temperatures, Ferrell learned how to make snowshoes from birch branches, rappel from a helicopter, and light a signal fire. For the record, however, he did not drink his own urine. ”I did eat the cornea of a reindeer, though,” he says, debunking previous peecentric press reports. ”Bear cut out this little gelatinous disc from the eyeball and was like, ‘Here, try this.”’ The verdict: ”It was like a Certs breath mint, without any of the delicious properties.”

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