Ken Tucker
June 01, 2009 AT 07:48 AM EDT

Andy Samberg did a super-fine job hosting the MTV Movie Awards. His goofball enthusiasm worked just fine; his opening parody of films ranging from Twilight to Star Trek was terrific, and … oh, let’s just cut to the chase: Do you think Eminem was truly angry at Bruno/Sacha Baron Cohen for landing crotch-first on the rapper as he sat in the audience? (Watch the epic confrontation, embedded below.) It’s hard to believe, after Eminem threw a similar fit at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the VMAs a few years ago, that he’d be truly angry at this stunt. Must have been a put-on on Em’s part, right? Also, good for Zac Efron, who won the award Bruno was presenting, for knowing there was nothing he could do but be upstaged by the Bruno-Eminem spectacle. His “that was the coolest way I’ve ever been introduced” remark hit just the right, modest note.

Oddly enough, the most vulgar moment of the show, depending on where you place your vulgarity-meter, wasn’t even Bruno, but the Samberg-planted winner for Sound Editor, who kept humping his golden-popcorn award and yelling, “S— my golden d—, Samberg!” Which is not to say it wasn’t also pretty darn funny.

While I loved Amy Poehler’s expletive filled acceptance speech in winning the “WTF” Award (and her shout-out to “Adam Sandwich”), the comic high-point of the night for me was probably the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” number in which Samberg was aided by Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond and director-producer J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Fringe) channeling some combination of Thomas Dolby and The Knack while playing keyboards.

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The Twilight sweep was a testament to the power of its fans. After a while, the spectacle of Kate Winslet in clips from The Reader, with that film losing repeatedly to Twilight, began to seem like a joke devised by Samberg himself. And Kristen Stewart’s charming klutziness while accepting her Best Female Performance award only earned her more points; indeed, she and Pattinson seem like very good sports in general. Twilight devotees will be parsing the new trailer shown this night closely, I’m sure — feel free to chime in with your impressions in the Comments section below.

How about you? What did you think of the entire MTV Movie Awards show?


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