Maria Bello, Downloading Nancy

Downloading Nancy

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Drama; Starring: Maria Bello, Jason Patric, Amy Brenneman, Rufus Sewell; Director: Johan Renck; Author: Pamela Cuming, Lee Ross; Runtime (in minutes): 102; MPAA Rating: Unrated; Distributor: Strand Releasing

An incest survivor (Maria Bello) acts out her damage by hooking up, via the Internet, with a man she asks to hurt her…and worse. Jason Patric plays the creep in question, and Rufus Sewell is cast against type as her boring, clueless husband. Shot in a chilly, desaturated palette, Downloading Nancy declares, in every frame, that we’re in a world without love, faith, joy, or connection. There are brutal scenes with razor blades and other impromptu devices of erotic torment, but what makes the movie a trial to sit through isn’t just the heroine’s pain-freak tastes. It’s that a kinkfest with this blah an emotional spectrum is selling its own chic form of puritanism — sex with all the life force repressed. C?

Originally posted June 3 2009 — 12:00 AM EDT

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