Annie Barrett
June 03, 2009 AT 10:05 PM EDT

For worse (Marilyn Monroe as a present-day video skank, left) or better (Dawson’s Creek-era Katie Holmes as Girl With a Pearl Earring, right), artists at have undergone some treacherous Adventures in Photoshop to bring us’s excellent Celebrity Time Travel photo gallery. This is like that time image-doctoring superstar Jef Castro put Gokey’s face on a lean-sirloin dancer’s bod. But classy! Definitely check this out.

Reese and J. Lo look great as polka-dot pinups and should work this look in 2009
Simon Cowell as old-fashioned curmudgeon might actually be from 2009
–Tom Cruise must be the most important person in Britain’s idea of Hollywood because he got two portraits
–Whatever you do, keep clicking until you hit Justin Timberlake the 12-year-old soldier
–Breaking! Eminem is hard at work on his new album
–Mandi has already made this her wallpaper. Tile that s—, girl.

Blinding white time travel-y light: in 3…2..1….boom.


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