Annie Barrett
June 05, 2009 AT 08:09 PM EDT

The Log Lady will have a bear claw. In honor of National Doughnut Day — and Special Agent Dale Cooper’s obsession with doughnuts and coffee — here’s a(n understandably) deleted scene from episode 2 of Twin Peaks, which would have taken place pre-doughnut buffet in the woods. For all the carbs that passed through the sheriff’s station in each episode, it’s a true non-murder mystery as to how they got away with never showing the interior of the doughnut shop in season 1. I mean what the hell.

Even though my favorite restaurant and the Merriam-Webster dictionary insist it’s correct, I refuse to use “donut” in lieu of the more highfalutin and much prettier “doughnut.” You’re not *doing* a nut. You are a nut if you write that.

Am I right or am I rit, P-Dubs?

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