Mandi Bierly
June 05, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

In a world aTwitter, it’s nice to be reminded that occasionally, celebs can hold our attention for longer than a second. Exhibit A: Jenna Fischer’s latest MySpace blog about her summer in New York City. She’s here filming an indie movie — not that we needed the word “indie” spelled out for us when she describes her character as “a train-wreck of a mother who drinks and smokes and flirts with her brother-in-law.” Anyway, she took time out to go see the August Wilson play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone — on the same night as the President and First Lady. Reading her enthusiasm about the tight security — “There was even a canine unit!” — I realized that I’ve been in New York too long. Bomb-sniffing dogs no longer fill me with exclamation points. (Those are reserved for the rare but memorable occasions when I see armed soldiers or helmeted SWAT officers in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. If I ever get used to that, I’m leaving the city!) My favorite part of Fischer’s post, aside from her visual aids showing the views that she and her boyfriend had of the Obamas from their crappy seats: “The President and First Lady went to their seats just before thecurtain went up. Everyone in the theater stood and applauded.” That’s a Manhattan moment worth documenting in more than 140 characters.

addCredit(“Obama:UPI Photo /Landov; Fischer: PA Photos /Landov”)

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