Annie Barrett
June 05, 2009 AT 07:15 PM EDT

Jane Krakowski’s new “King Kong” webisode for Breyers — a followup to her “Gone With the Wind” segment at — is available exclusively on until Monday. It may as well have been Jane’s 30 Rock character, Jenna, who inserted herself into King Kong‘s classic scenes, as she’s really only conversing with her favorite person: herself. Mr. Kong definitely does not have a “swimmer’s build” as advertised. Lying on his “dating profile”? That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!

Sadly, neither Rhett Butler nor King Kong has proven to be smoother and dreamier than Jane Krakowski’s lonely midnight snack. (Cue Liz Lemon: “Working on my night cheese…”) The search is still on! Who should Jane film-stalk next? I’m thinking Malcolm McDowell’s Alex in A Clockwork Orange. They can initially bond over their love of dairy…

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