Annie Barrett
June 05, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Good news, unmarried women in your late 30s — one of you is about to hit the jackpot! Excuse me, “jackpot.” Fox has picked up the pilot for a reality series called I Married a Stranger, in which “friends” and “families” of a “lonely” lady will eliminate potential suitors for her one by one. What? These people can’t possibly be her real friends or real family. Who says “Uh oh, Jane’s in her late 30s and unmarried — we’d better put her on a terrible reality show! How dare she not find love? How dare she.” God forbid women of a certain age end up in cozy Slankets with some bitchin’ munchies, having a total blast by themselves on their couches. Ugh, the nerve! This calls for a quick poll:

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