Missy Schwartz
June 07, 2009 AT 08:19 PM EDT

Though I am pretty much one silvery-blue beehive away from becoming EW’s resident Krazy Kat Lady — I was recently spotted in the office cooing idiotically with a colleague over a coffee table book about the world’s most adorable cats — I had never seen Animal Planet’s Housecat Housecall until its second season premiere yesterday morning. The show is sort of a Cesar Millan-for-felines, with Aussie vet Dr. Katrina Warren paying visits to kitty owners with questions, concerns, and whatnot about their little furry-pawed beasts. There wasn’t a whole lotta drama in yesterday’s episode, but I dug the half hour anyway. We saw Dr. Katrina knocking on the door of a Bronx, N.Y., couple about to have their first child — kid, meet kitty! — and before that, greeted none other than Peter “Robocop” Weller and his wife Sheri in their Los Angeles home. The Wellers have two adorable Burmese babies and the problem, ostensibly, was that they roam all over the house, climb on the furniture, and attack dried flowers. Considering that my youngest cat, Miko, regularly hops up on the dinner table, tries to make off with whatever meat my husband is eating that day, and appears to be physically incapable of not stealing her sister Lilu’s wet food, the Case of the Purloined Dried Flowers seemed pretty tame to me. But whatever. It was fun seeing Robocop cuddle with his preferred pal, Daddy-O. Yes, Weller lounges around the house in that assault on footwear fashion known as Crocs, but I’ll forgive him. We Krazy Kat People have to stick together. Solidarity for the feline nuts! Meow.       

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