EW Staff
June 08, 2009 AT 07:22 PM EDT

Last night, G4 gave birth to the newest member of the Soup family, Web Soup, which attempts to do for viral video what The Soup does for TV (yes, Comedy Central debuted a similar show last week: Tosh.0). The inherent problem with Web Soup, addressed briefly by host Chris Hardwick (Attack of the Show, Singled Out), is that the featured videos have already gone “viral” — that is, spread around the Internet like a virus for anyone with an email address or Facebook page to see. (That video of Good Day New York anchor Jim Ryan arguing with reporter Dick Oliver is great, but we’ve all seen it multiple times since it first aired in 2001.) This leaves us with Hardwick to carry the show, and it felt like he was trying a bit too hard to fit the casually sarcastic Soup genre of snarky host. He’ll probably loosen up a bit once the show’s aired a few times and recurring bits like “The Week in Fail” and “Things You Can’t Unsee” start to take shape, but he’s gonna have to find his groove quickly, because unless they tweak the format to unearth videos we’ve not already seen, it’s hard to watch Web Soup past the first commercial break without thinking there just has to be something better on the tube.

Anyone else catch this? Will you make room on your DVR for next week’s episode, and if you do, what are the chances you’ll actually go back and watch? If one of these viral video shows is to survive, do you think it’ll be Web Soup or Tosh.0? –Mike Bruno

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