Mandi Bierly
June 09, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It’s wedding season and, not to bring up the Great Bierly Sibling Debate of 2007 — Is Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” the best dance song ever? (surprisingly, I argued no) — but we all know what that means: Fun people like us will be expected to get the party started on the dance floor. Because we can’t work with nothing at the reception, let’s take a moment to list the songs guaranteed to get people moving so that brides and grooms can either email this link to their DJs or print the post, highlight their picks, and deliver it by hand.

I’ll get the ball rolling: The Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back.” I was recently at a party, standing still on a dance floor with other people who weren’t ashamed to look uncool if it meant they got to alcohol quicker (it was the least crowded bar in the venue), and even though the DJ was doin’ his job, it wasn’t until the intro of this song played that any of us actually started dancing. And literally, we all began to move, at precisely the same moment, and the mass, synchronized shoulder bounce made it feel like the floor had just risen a few inches.

Your turn. People need you.

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