Margaret Lyons
June 09, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

So is Best Week Ever cancelled or what? Well, a little of column A, a little of column B: The show will be back in January, but another “revamp” might mean the end of comedian Paul F. Tompkins’ reign as host. I can accept that, but only on the condition that VH1 give him another show. Do my bidding, television!

Recall the great BWE Switch of Aught Eight, in which frequent commentator Tompkins became sole host of the half-hour series. Some fans embraced the new format, but others…a lot less so. I’m somewhere in the middle: I’m ten kinds of crazy about Tompkins, and he’s one of my favorite stand-ups to go see (seriously, I think I’ve seen him five times in the last three years), but I’m not convinced the format really did him any favors. He’s tweeted that he’s more or less done, saying “they’ll bring it back in 2010, but staff (including me) can’t go that long without work. Maybe new cast?” But what of my weekly fix of hyperliterate, charmingly grandiose humor?! Don’t leave me, PFT.

What about you, PW BWE fans? Do you want another revamp, or were you happy with the current model? And what the nuts are we supposed to do until January?

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