Michael Slezak
June 09, 2009 AT 11:28 PM EDT

Okay, so the folks at 19 Entertainment have made it official, signing American Idol‘s season 8 top two, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, to respective deals with Jive and RCA. Now comes the speculation: Which other contestants will the company sign to its roster? Or more importantly, will they sign anyone other than Kris and Adam? [UPDATE: ROCKER SIGNED! ROCKER SIGNED!]

With those questions in mind, here’s a fun exercise for you. Let’s put ourselves in charge of the 19 Universe for just a moment. In addition to Kradam, you can sign two additional finalists, and one semifinalist, to a deal. No more than that! I know you might be tempted to pick more, but even the biggest labels have to put a cap on the number of artists they can put their money behind. And to show I’m not above following my own torturous rules, I’ll go first and name my talented trio:

Allison Iraheta: Oh, hi, yeah, she only has the potential to be one of the great female rock vocalists of her generation. So unless 19 has an appetite for self-destructon, they will close the deal with the red-headed rocker…immédiatement! (Bonus reasoning: If you believe in signs, the girl’s initials are A.I.)

Anoop Desai: This one hurts the most, choosing among ‘Noop Dawg, Alexis Grace, and Matt Giraud. (What can I say? Matty G won me over with his Idolatry interview…I’m a sucker for good sports!) But of the three, I’d have to go with Anoop, a contestant who took a little while to settle into his Idol groove, but also showed he was capable of cool, contemporary arrangements (“True Colors,” “Dim All the Lights”) and buttery smooth, highly distinctive studio renditions of his songs on iTunes. (Bonus reasoning: If you believe in signs, the man’s last name ends in “ai.”)

Mishavonna Henson: Again, a tough call here, as there were a half dozen or so semifinalists (Kristen McNamara, Jesse Langseth, Felicia Barton, Ju’Not Joyner, Ricky Braddy) I loved this season. But last week while procrastinating on iTunes, I discovered Mishavonna’s five-song EP, and realized her underrated “Drops of Jupiter” during Group 2 night was just the tip of the iceberg. Check out “Tear Myself Apart” (after the jump) and tell me the girl’s not destined for a platinum future! (Bonus reasoning stretched to the far boundaries of credibility: If you believe in signs, look at mIshAvonna’s name again…you can’t spell it without an ‘A’ and an ‘I.’ Spooky!)

Okay, Idol addicts: Those are the two finalists and one semifinalist I’d sign if I ran 19 Entertainment. Let’s hear your picks in the comments section below!


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