Annie Barrett
June 10, 2009 AT 11:49 PM EDT

And then I guess the one who’s still super young in 2009 got frozen somewhere along the way. We don’t need to talk specifics. The point is, Caitlin Kinney and Julie McCullough look exactly alike. Thanks to TV Watch reader kaf — who was backed up by Christina, Melanie, JP, and Lola — for coming up with this incredibly apt comparison. You have saved me and countless other innocent viewers from having to tear out our non-feathered, non-’80s hair while trying to figure out why Princess Body Wave looked so damn familiar. Watch out, Caitlin! You don’t want Kirk Cameron to decide you’re not wholesome enough to fit into the family! Don’t do anything sexually suggestive! On a DANCE SHOW.

Hey, So You Think You Can Dance fans… We’ve got a little game going on —’s SYTYCD Prediction Challenge. It’s just like that American Idol one we had before but with less Slezak and more me. (I know, gross.)  Guess who will be eliminated each week, read about the Top 20, and discuss your picks on our message boards with EW’s Adam B. Vary and readers around the country. Go there now.

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