Annie Barrett
June 10, 2009 AT 09:20 PM EDT

Yesterday, wrote the old wiseman Ausiello, Comedy Central announced the official 26-episode rebirth of Futurama! A few hours later, the network aired the classic episode Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV. “Oh, the irony!” cried thousands of fans lazily snacking their way through the middle of the night. I can’t find the clip of that episode where the network president suggests that “bite my shiny metal ass” could become a catchphrase (if you can locate it, please include in comments below), so instead here’s the 2008 Adult Swim promo song that got me to start regularly watching Futurama reruns. I figured at the time that if the “Shaken, not stirred / Futur-a-a-a-a-ma….” lyric was going to float through my head all day anyway, I should at least have a decent visual to back it up.

How psyched are we for more Futurama in 2010?!!!!!! Let’s all have some cake. And you smell like one, too.

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