Kerrie Mitchell
June 12, 2009 AT 06:11 PM EDT

Today is the day that television stations nationwide will finally begin ending their analog broadcasts for good. It’s great news for digital technology, but according to the AP, not-so-great news for the estimated 1 million people who haven’t gotten converter boxes for their older TVs and will be left without service by the end of the day. Scary, right? So you know what that means: Call your grandparents and make sure they’ve been set up with a box (go here to get more info). Or better yet, buy them a new freakin’ TV. Don’t they deserve one?

While we’re saying farewell to analog, let’s all share our favorite rabbit-ear memories. I’ll go first: one of my earliest TV experiences was watching Happy Days reruns and being perfectly content to stand really close and hold on to the antenna just so the picture would come in a tiny bit better. How about you?

addCredit(“Skip Nail/Getty Images”)

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