Lynette Rice
June 14, 2009 AT 10:41 PM EDT

Successful winemaker-filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, who financed and is distributing the independent movie Tetro, told the Los Angeles Times that “everyone who buys a bottle of [Coppola] wine is a participating producer of my movie.” To help promote his latest flick, the director took out a full-page ad in the Timesthat features a big picture of star Vincent Gallo and a bottle of Coppola’s Claret Diamond red wine. The Napa Valley-based director and Hollywood outcast by choice says, “I wouldn’t be able to make and finance personal independent films without having a very successful business behind me.”

Tetro, a mostly black-and-white film about an Italian-American family, is set in Buenos Aires and is playing for a week in limited release in Los Angeles and New York. It will expand this week into other cities including Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. Coppola told the Times that he hopes he can expand the run of his movie if his ads sell enough bottles of wine.

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