Jeremy Medina
June 15, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

We loved the Gossip’s disco-dance track “Heavy Cross” when we heard it back in April,and months later the tune’s still got all kinds of infectious charm.Now, Beth Ditto and company have finally released the official video ofthe song. (Watch it below.) While the clip sports some slick lighting,extravagant headgear and lavish confetti/particle effects, it’s mostlyjust a stylized-performance clip. That’s totally cool with us. The songmore than picks up the slack. Music for Men, the Gossip’sfourth album and major-label debut, will be available to downloaddigitally tomorrow. (In a truly bizarre display of marketing, however,a physical copy of the CD will not be available until October.)

Who’splanning on buying the album? What do you think of the “Heavy Cross”video? And where do you stand on this whole Beth Ditto-Katy Perry “feud”: Team Ditto or Team Perry?

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