Mandi Bierly
June 15, 2009 AT 09:17 PM EDT

The Hangover remained No. 1 at the box office last weekend, and my $12.50 was among the receipts. While I’d love to do a post discussing whether Bradley Cooper sports what I’d call a “modern mullet” (and how we feel about that), I concede that there is a more worthwhile question to ask: Is there a moment in The Hangover you actually relate to? For me, it’s when Phil (Cooper) says they’re adults and that they won’t be sharing beds. I can share a bed with a friend in a hotel, but I prefer not to. Also, the part where they agreed to look at the pictures once and then delete them. Technically, I do not know if my sister destroyed the shots from her bachelorette party in 2001, but I do know that she’s never let me near the Olympic Garden ones again. (Maverick, Tristan, and Sultan, you live on in my memory. Particularly you, Maverick.)

Your turn. Keep it clean!

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