Leah Greenblatt
June 16, 2009 AT 11:11 PM EDT

According to rollingstone.com, Denny’s is expanding its All Nighter campaign — a.k.a. “Hello, hep young person! Won’t you please lower our customers’ median age? They’ve all moved to Boca” —  to include new signature dishes for several bands on their “Allnighter Rockstar Menu,” available during rock-star hours (10pm-5am), for I-only-play-backup-tambourine-and-drive-the-van prices ($3.99 and up).

Among the menu’s latest acts, joing the likes of Katy Perry and All American Rejects: Gym Class Heroes (their After School Special is “Texas toast topped withhash browns, a fried egg, shredded cheese, bacon and fire-roastedpeppers and onions” with Rancherocountry gravy. I can haz Tums?), Rascal Flatts (the Unstoppable Breakfast, featuring a biscuit topped with country-fried steak, eggs, American cheese, bacon, hash browns, and of course country gravy), Good Charlotte (Band of Burritos) and Sum 41 (something called the Sumwich; sounds Canadian).

We would like to add a few suggestions, if we may: How about Dave Matthews’ GrooGrux King Crab with Big Whiskey Sauce? Lady GaGa’s Jalapeno Popper-azzi Bites? The Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Chow five-alarm chili? (See, that’s will.i.am working the griddle above. Gracias, PhotoShop.)

 You can’t stop me, Music Mixers! No, seriously, please do. Who else would you like to see on the menu?

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