Ken Tucker
June 17, 2009 AT 08:09 AM EDT

Well, he may have apologized on Monday, but on Tuesday, it was an unbowed David Letterman that strode out to deliver a punchy Late Show monologue.

“I want to get through this quickly so you can get to the ‘Fire Dave’ rally,” he said, referring to the demonstration being held by Gov. Sarah Palin supporters, a gathering that one news source said numbered three dozen, while put the number closer to 15. Wow, what a show of outrage. Do you get the feeling that even the people who are angry at Letterman are beginning to feel it’s time to live and let live?

The theme of the nightly Top 10 List was the “Top 10 Things Overheard at the Fire David Letterman Rally.” It included “When does Cheney arrive with the waterboarding gear?” “Well, it was nice of CBS to provide the catering,” and “Isn’t there always a crowd demanding Letterman be fired?”

Letterman said that Palin had accepted his apology, but that “she’s also accepted a $500 gift certificate from Lenscrafters.”

Now, I’m sure there are those who are going to say this proves Letterman’s apology the night before wasn’t sincere. Me, I was glad to see the old, cranky spark back in his performance. What did you think?

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