Kate Ward
June 22, 2009 AT 10:36 PM EDT

It ain’t Festivus, but Google Maps has given us one cool gift: a Seinfeld-inspired map that allows you to zoom in on the location of Monk’s Diner, Hunan 5th Ave., and Jerry’s apartment, a.k.a. Vandelay Industries. (Of course, the show was filmed in Los Angeles, but let’s suspend disbelief for a few minutes here.) Looking at the map, what I find most interesting is the distance between Elaine’s and Jerry’s apartments. I find it quite hard to believe that a downtown gal would have the patience to constantly pop into her ex-boyfriend’s Upper West Side pad, since it’s hard enough to maintain crosstown long-distance friendships here in NYC. But then again, it is likely hard to maintain a friendship with anyone when you’re constantly shoving them on the ground, or publicizing your previous sexual experience with their husband-to-be at their wedding. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

A few lingering questions: Where’s the Bubble Boy? Where would George place his non-existent home in The Hamptons? And does Bizarro Jerry live on the Upper East Side? Finally, what other TV show-inspired Google Maps would you like to see, PopWatchers (my vote: Dexter. So I know how to stay far, far away from Miami Metro)?

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