Lynette Rice
June 25, 2009 AT 11:35 PM EDT

In yet another sign that Comic-Con has become the premier place to launch new TV shows, Warner Bros. Television will send a record 11 series to San Diego next month to participate in the annual comic book convention. Panel sessions and/or appearances are planned for the stars of returning series such as Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Smallville, and Supernatural. New shows like Eastwick (a new take on the John Updike novel The Witches of Eastwick); Human Target (a Mark Valley starrer about a tough guy paid to protect people); Past Life (about a team that unravels mysteries from the past and present); V (an update of the 1980s sci-fi TV franchise); and The Vampire Diaries (a new tale about vampires from Dawson Creek’s Kevin Williamson) will also have a major presence. The convention runs from July 22-26.


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