Kristen Baldwin
June 30, 2009 AT 06:03 AM EDT

And so, the cycle of abuse continues, Bachelorette fans. Every time I think Jillian’s changed — that maybe this time she’ll send the right guy home — she punches me in the gut with her emotional idiocy. I won’t spoil anything here — check out my full Bachelorette recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive blog for details — but I’ve gotta know what you think: Can you believe who got a rose tonight? Is there anything that can save our poor Bachelorette from getting her heart broken in the end? And more importantly, which bachelor do you think has some… shall we say mechanical trouble in the upcoming fantasy suite episode? While you ponder these weighty questions, take a moment to enjoy the latest installment of’s toy-tastic series, The Doll Bachelorette. Tonight, it’s one-on-one time in the hot tub. Somebody get out the “Caution” tape!

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