Annie Barrett
July 01, 2009 AT 09:08 PM EDT

The IMDB page for Steven Soderbergh’s next film says it’s called The Informant. But its new trailer enthusiastically insists it’s called The Informant! instead. That’s weird. That’s weird! It was going to be a drama. Now it’s a comedy! Matt Damon plays a top executive for Archer Daniels Midland who is wildly unsuited to perform any task that requires even a shred of stealth.


  • I could use some more closeups of corn on the cob!
  • Matt Damon’s face invokes puff pastry, and I like his character’s glasses! I usually love everyone’s glasses in movies!
  • Joel McHale can rock some shellacked Mad Men hair!
  • But the film actually takes place in the early ’90s and is based on this 2000 book!
  • As if Tony Hale weren’t enough to quell our daily Arrested Development craving, Damon’s character’s tendency to needlessly narrate his experience reminds us of Larry Mittleman, “The Surrogate”!
  • Stupid exclamation points make it seem like I’m mocking the movie but it actually looks pretty good.

Go ahead and exclaim your own thoughts about the trailer!

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