Adam B. Vary
July 03, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Just when the recent Sarah Palin media circus — her feud with David Letterman; her spandex-happy photo spread in Runner’s World; the recent damning Vanity Fair profile of her — couldn’t get any weirder, the former GOP vice-presidential candidate just announced she will resign the governorship of Alaska at the end of the month, two-and-a-half years into her first term. Even the transfer of power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell won’t stop Palin’s special brand of surreality: He’ll be sworn in at a picnic in Fairbanks on July 25.

The blogosphere is already oscillating between whether Palin’s planning a run for president in 2012 or whether she’s just written her political epitaph. Me, I’m just wondering whether her next act will be, say, going head-to-head against Rachel Maddow with her talk show Sarah Barracuda on Fox News. Or filling the recent Jon & Kate media blackout vacuum with Sarah & Todd Plus Six on TLC. (For those bothering to count: Track + Willow + Piper + Trig + Bristol + Bristol’s son Tripp = six.) While Palin may make for a dubious elected official to some, I think we can all agree the woman makes for — and inspires — some ridiculously entertaining TV. (Below, I’ve embedded just two examples.)

So tell me, PopWatchers, do you hope to see more of Sarah Palin once she moves out of the governor’s mansion, or less?

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