Mandi Bierly
July 07, 2009 AT 03:00 PM EDT

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Jason Schwartzman and Jonathan Ames on the set of Bored to Death, their HBO series premiering in September. Watch the video below. The show’s about a writer, named Jonathan Ames (Schwartzman), who’s so bored he posts an ad on Craigslist claiming to be a private detective and begins accepting cases. We’ve already wondered if it’s a hipster version of Castle, but after watching the video below, and hearing Ames talk about how he first thinks of a case for each episode, then builds the character, I started thinking about how most “procedurals” have far more character in them than you’d think. (Well, actually, the only people who’d think that are folks who never watch ’em.) I mean, I didn’t tear up talking to NCIS‘ Cote de Pablo because of a case; I teared up because of what it was doing to her character Ziva’s relationship with Michael Weatherly’s Tony. Procedurals often get a bad rap as sterile, cold hours, when the best ones are anything but.

So, who are your favorite characters on “procedurals” and why? Nominate away!

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