Marc Bernardin
July 07, 2009 AT 08:38 PM EDT

Well, everyone, the day you totally forgot to mark on your calendar is here: The Sci Fi Channel is no more. It’s been body-snatched by Syfy. It looks the same. Sounds the same. Does much of the same stuff. Just with a distinct lack of vowels.

We commented on the apparent silliness of the name change back when it was announced, a few months ago. And all of that logic still applies. But time has reduced the level of outrage to the equivalent of a pebble in the sneaker: kind of annoying, but not catastrophic.

Time will tell if this branding experiment will pay off, or if “Syfy” will, eventually, go the way of Crystal Pepsi or The WB’s frog mascot. All I want is more quality science fiction on television. If they’ll give me that, they can call themselves the Brenda Network for all I care.

And you, P-Dubbies? Does the name Syfy make you more or less likely to tune in to the Warehouse 13 premiere tonight?

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