Simon Vozick-Levinson
July 08, 2009 AT 07:52 PM EDT

It’s almost hard to believe that there are any more archive clips of Michael Jackson out there that we haven’t yet watched and re-watched in the past two weeks. But of course the man left behind an immense trail of TV appearances, concert footage, and interviews over his 45 years of public life, and has just found one rare clip that’s somehow never been seen before: A 13-minute interview conducted on the set of the “Bad” music video in 1987 before languishing in a vault somewhere for the next 22 years.

The conversation is a wide-ranging one, with a characteristically soft-spoken Michael answering questions about the making of the Bad album, the concept behind the “Bad” video, and his own complicated relationship with worldwide fame. “Do you feel as though you missed out on something by not remembering not performing?” asks the interviewer after Michael talks about being a celebrity his entire life. “Of course,” he replies. “But I gained a lot, too.” It’s an ambiguous moment that’s a little uncomfortable to watch.

Watch the clip in full below, then let us know: Are you glad Hulu has released this lost interview?

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