Jeff Labrecque
July 10, 2009 AT 08:19 PM EDT

In case you’re curious, the official mourning period for the death of a TV pitchman is 30 days. At least that’s how long Media Enterprises and an amaaaazing product called Mighty Tape will wait before airing infomercials featuring the late Billy Mays. “Our feeling is, everyone wants to have Billy go on,” Bill McAlister, president of Media Enterprises, told the AP

It’s not clear who “everyone” is, but maybe McAlister is right. We’re way, way past the time where resurrecting the deceased to hawk products was unseemly — Thank you, Dirt Devil! — and these ads won’t misappropriate anything that Mays was famous for. He was a salesman, after all.

I’m curiously ambivalent. Should I hope that Mighty Tape sells out? Or sells none? Either way, it’s going to be a little awkward to hear “Billy Mays here…”

How does this leave you feeling, PopWatchers? How much Mighty Tape can I put you down for?

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