Jean Bentley
July 10, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Since we’re always looking out for you here at Enter the Fray, we’ve decided to do you another service: here are a couple of our non-PopWatch blog posts that garnered a bunch of comments this week. The Music Mix introduced us to tween heart-stealer and Usher protege Justin Bieber, Ken Tucker discussed Congressman Pete King’s YouTube attack on Michael Jackson, and Michael Ausiello spoiled TV shows like Gossip Girl and Fringe. But we know what you really came for: the most chatter-worthy PopWatch posts of the week.

10. It’s official: The SciFi Channel is no more. Please introduce SyFy into your vocabulary. I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Siffy, right?

9. Love him or hate him, that is the question. Are you pro Perez or are you disgusted by the gossip maven and his silly drawings?

8. Judging by the just-clever-enough-but-not-annoying dialogue in newly released Jennifer’s Body trailer, Diablo Cody’s post-Juno film project is gonna be awesome.

7. The Emmy noms will be announced next week, but we want to know who you’d pick as your lead actor/actress in a comedy…

6. …and in a drama.

5. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay picked the 14 movies everyone should see before they die. Mandi Bierly added hers to the mix, and you chimed in with your own suggestions.

4. EW’s Missy Schwartz and Simon Vozick-Levinson liveblogged Michael Jackson’s memorial with Emil Wilbekin of Essence.

3. The city of Los Angeles set up a web page for MJ fans to donate as a way to offset the considerable costs of the King of Pop’s funeral. Will you contribute?

2. A shadow seen walking across a room during Larry King’s interview with Jermaine Jackson led people to speculate whether the ghost of Jermaine’s brother Michael was haunting Neverland. Spoiler alert: it’s just a cameraman.

1. Once again, The Bachelorette‘s ever-charming host triumphs in the Battle of the Reality-Hosts-Turned Bloggers.

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