Margaret Lyons
July 12, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Last night, ABC aired the very last Eli Stone, and I’m one of a tuh-huh-huh-iiiiny number of people who gives a crapola. But I liked that show! I need more whimsy in my life, and whimsical lawyering is perhaps the very best kind of lawyering. The finale, while not my favorite episode of the often compelling series, provided some nice resolution for Eli and his dad, and I finally grew to like Jordan and Matt’s smarmy relationship, just in time for the show to fully vanish. Alas, alas.

As it happens, Eli Stone isn’t the only show that was canned months ago with left over episodes still turning up on the network’s airwaves: Earlier this season, ABC burned off remaining episodes of Pushing Daisies, which was much sadder because that was a better canned show. Even as someone who consumes lots of TV online, watching the final episodes on the Internet just isn’t the same for me. Plus there’s, oh, a big fat nothing on TV a lot nights this summer, so padding my TiVo with the last episodes of gone-but-not-forgotten-series is a relief, a welcome oasis from the brutal desert of summer reality shows.

Ideally, our favorite shows would never be canceled, but until the unicorns overthrow the patriarchy, I’ll settle for a burn-off schedule. Are you with me, PopWatchers? Do you want the finale episodes of your canceled-but-loved shows to air sometime, anytime, please oh please? Or do you prefer just waiting for the DVDs?

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