Simon Vozick-Levinson
July 13, 2009 AT 07:27 PM EDT

Twenty-four years ago today, the original Live Aid concerts brought an impressive lineup of stars to London and Philadelphia to raise money for hunger in Africa. Now, you might argue that the appropriate time to commemorate this event would be next July 13, Live Aid’s proper 25th anniversary. But why wait when EW’s corporate sibling, Life, has just put together such a cool gallery of photos from the 1985 concerts?

Click over for an assortment of youthful-looking megastars. Bono chatting up some policewomen while wearing a ridiculous hat! Ozzy Osbourne bathing in purest Evian! Paul McCartney striking a pose with David Bowie! And, of course, Madonna rocking a serious hairdo and an even serious-er tambourine (pictured above)!

Go check out all 35 snapshots, then weigh in: Which ones are your favorites? Were any of you there at the original Live Aid shows back in ’85?

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