Tanner Stransky
July 14, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

In a bit of news that will likely shock no one who remotely follows television ratings, NBC’s summer juggernaut America’s Got Talent took the top spot for the week ending July 12, pulling in 11.9 million viewers with its Wednesday night edition. The show’s Tuesday night episode came in at No. 3, with 10.6 million viewers, as a repeat episode of CBS’ NCIS stole the No. 2 spot with 11.0 million viewers. Last week, Talent took the top two spots, but the ratings from two weeks ago saw the same 1-2-3 line-up as this week.

As has been the case pretty much all summer, repeats — especially those on CBS — have dominated the Top 20. In the new-episode column this week, however, you’ll find a Michael Jackson-themed episode of ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets (8.7 million viewers) at No. 8; ABC’s Wipeout (8.2 million viewers) at No. 11; two episodes of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance (7.9 million and 7.6 million viewers) at Nos. 12 and 15; ABC’s The Bachelorette (7.7 million) at No. 13; and a Michael Jackson-centric episode of NBC’s Dateline (6.3 million) at No. 20. CBS’ summer staple Big Brother (6.6 million viewers) finally launched and debuted its 11th season at No. 18, representing an 8 percent increase over last summer’s premiere.

Overall, the summer has been difficult for the broadcast networks. Only CBS has grown its audience from last summer, and that’s only been by a rather meager 2 percent. (In fact, CBS was the only broadcast network to grow its audience during the past season, as well.) So far this summer, NBC and ABC are down 12 percent from the comparable period last year, while Fox is down a startling 20 percent. Many of the viewers are undoubtedly moving over to scripted dramas on cable networks like TNT, USA, and Lifetime.

The full Top 20 on the broadcast networks for the week is after the jump.

1. America’s Got Talent Wednesday | NBC | 11.9 million

2. NCIS (R) | CBS | 11.0 million

3. America’s Got Talent Tuesday | NBC | 10.6 million

4. Two and a Half Men (R) | CBS | 9.4 million

5. The Mentalist (R) | CBS | 9.2 million

6. 60 Minutes (R) | CBS | 8.8 million

CSI: Miami (R) | CBS | 8.8 million

8. Primetime: Family Secrets | ABC | 8.7 million

9. The Big Bang Theory (R) | CBS | 8.3 million

The Mentalist (R) | CBS | 8.3 million

11. Wipeout | ABC | 8.2 million

12. So You Think You Can Dance Thursday | Fox | 7.9 million

13. The Bachelorette | ABC | 7.7 million

CSI (R) | CBS | 7.7 million

15. So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday | Fox | 7.6 million

16. CSI: NY (R) | CBS | 7.3 million

17. Criminal Minds (R) | CBS | 7.1 million

18. Big Brother 11 | CBS | 6.6 million

America’s Got Talent Wednesday (R) | NBC | 6.3 million

20. Dateline NBC | NBC | 6.3 million

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