Margaret Lyons
July 14, 2009 AT 11:03 PM EDT

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more stoked for the Mad Men season two DVDs, AMC goes and releases a mysterious — and duh, dead sexy — poster for season three. You win again, Draper!

There’s our beloved, complicated Don, casually smoking a cigarette as the flood waters rise. And, in a Mad Men first, that’s not a metaphor. Upon extreme close-up (enhance!), he’s also almost scowling, with just the slightest squint. Aw, cheer up, Don — except don’t, actually, because your inability to experience joy is sort of a calling card of this series. The poster reminds me a little of Gregory Crewdson’s “Twilight” photos, a combination of doom and desire, both evocative and unsettling. If that’s not a spot-on description of Don Draper, what is?

I like this poster a whole lot, PopWatchers, and I cannot wait Aug. 16. Are you with me, Sterling Cooper fans, or are you less-than-mad about this?

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