Kate Ward
July 15, 2009 AT 03:15 PM EDT

Like many other theater-goers, when I attended a screening of Brüno, I expected to witness cringe-worthy scenes that exposed the homophobic tendencies of an overly machismo American society. And for the most part, I got what I expected. But something I didn’t quite forsee: enough full-frontal male nudity to make Jason Segal’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall nude scene look G-rated. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I found the shock humor to be quite effective, and I laughed right along with my fellow audience members until the end credits rolled.

But I have a feeling not every Brüno watcher felt the same way, ja? Am I in the minority or the majority here? Take our poll (heh-heh, I said ‘poll’) to find out!

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