EW Staff
July 19, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

What we’re gonna do is go back. Way back. Well, a month back, to a night I’ll never forget. June 21, 2009. While many were finishing up their Father’s Day festivities (oops!), I was at Madison Square Garden with my idol — the only woman who could ever tempt me to go straight — Beyoncé Knowles. Through the sometimes turbulent Destiny’s Child years, occasionally questionable acting gigs (better believe I sat through The Fighting Temptations), and into her solo stardom, the voluptuous diva has been my ultimate icon. Can’t say I wasn’t a tad skeptical when we were introduced to Sasha Fierce. Well no, I take that back. The I Am side of her latest “concept” album bored me to tears while the Fierce side kept my faith alive and strong. Needless to say, I bow down to this woman. I watch the “Crazy In Love” video on repeat and crump with this woman. If she ever needed an unpaid servant to clean the house (call me!) I’d be there in a heartbeat.

It was the end of the show. After a brief interlude of “Single Ladies”-inspired YouTube impersonators, Mrs. Jay-Z returned to the stage to show ’em how a true diva does it. And then… the moment of truth. It was “Halo” time. I was standing five rows back on the center aisle. She jumped off the stage and I immediately ran to the barricade. I stuck out my hand and she accepted, embracing for a solid 15 seconds of heaven. Her initial expression of uncertainty was replaced by a look of “Okay, you’re harmless,” probably after noting my mesh T-shirt. Regardless, my life will never been the same. I’ve been touched by a diva. So there you have it, PopWatchers, my favorite concert memory. Your turn. What’s your best concert memory? Go!

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