EW Staff
July 24, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

· Dear Harry and Ginny, Congrats on getting to first base. Love, Bullseye
· Rachel McAdams: We j’adore.
· We’ll take 500 days of Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe.
· Rory and Lorelai together again: Yay! But still no movie: Boo!
· @johnstamos, @davecoulier, @andreabarber, and @candacecbure stage informal Full House reunion on Twitter.

· Gay Fever Dream of the Week: Melinda Doolittle’s ”It’s Your Love” gets remixed for the dance floor — three (3!) times.
· Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson: prepping for The Wrestler 2?
· Tori and Candy Spelling: Meeting of the minds
· Disney’s Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana: best guilty-pleasure combo deal since KFC’s $5 Fill-Up Box
· Brüno drops 73 percent at the box office. Guess the joke’s on him.
· ”Love Drunk” slips in under the summer-jam deadline.
· President forced to address ”mom jeans” controversy on the Today show

· Fox threatens to recast Futurama voices. Will Peg Bundy be the newest victim of the recession?
· Questionable new genre: tongue-on-cheek comedy (Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler)
· Padma Lakshmi developing her own foodie sitcom. The Big Baguette Theory?
· Lost‘s Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell: Trapped in the ’70s and robbed of their Emmy noms… And we thought Jacob had it tough.
· Lady GaGa: She says performance art; we say Muppet mass murder.
· Celeb bikini fatigue officially sets in.

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