Tanner Stransky
July 24, 2009 AT 09:30 PM EDT

The Food Network’s Next Food Network Star is down to three finalists. Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen just roared back. And Bravo’s Top Chef is set to return Aug. 27. Plus, there’s all that other foodie programming on Food Network, Fine Living, The Travel Channel, and so on and so forth. It’s everywhere! It’s eating us alive! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist being so lame.)

So with that in mind, I’ve got a question for you PopWatchers: What burning questions do you have for TV’s food personalities? What have you always wondered about Alton Brown or Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee? Maybe, what’s the biggest dive Guy has ever been to? What are the secrets to looking good while making meatballs from Giada? What’s the richest thing Paula Deen had ever made? Is the Barefoot Contessa ever really barefoot? Or: Padma, where’d you get the idea you can act?!?

You know, that kind of thing. We here at EW can’t promise that we’ll get everything answered — but we’re gonna try. So we wanna know what you wanna know. You know? Leave your questions — with specifically which food TV personality they should be directed toward — in the comments below. We’re looking for a bounty of queries! Please!

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