Kerrie Mitchell
July 24, 2009 AT 05:52 PM EDT

Okay, not quite. But this news is close: A concert version of Star Wars is set to go on tour in North America starting Oct. 1 in Anaheim, Calif. Primarily a showcase for John Williams’ scores, the two-hour-plus show is backed by George Lucas and will feature a live orchestra playing music from all six films as clips are projected on a giant screen. C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, will narrate the show live and there’ll be an accompanying exhibit with costumes and props. It sounds like an intriguing venture, but I admit, my interest was more piqued when I first read the headline and thought someone was producing an actual musical version of Star Wars. (From the same makers as Spider-Man, perhaps?) Still, I’ll concede that Lucas might be the only man in America who can find the sweet spot between Star Wars fans and symphony goers. What do you think? Would you buy a ticket to the symphony…to hear the “Emperor’s Theme”?

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