Tanner Stransky
July 28, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Last week, the All-Star Game knocked America’s Got Talent out of the usual top two spots it occupies in the weekly ratings race, but for the latest seven-day period — ending July 26 — NBC’s talentfest was (surprise!) back on top. The show grabbed 13.7 million and 11.3 million for its Tuesday and Wednesday episodes, respectively. Oddly, the much-hyped Susan Boyle interview included in Wednesday’s show didn’t lift that episode enough to land at No. 1 over the Tuesday episode, but maybe viewers are just tired of her?

The rest of last week’s Top 10, however, was filled with repeats — all on CBS, natch — except for the Thursday edition of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance (No. 8), which drew 8.4 million viewers, and ABC’s The Bachelorette (No. 10), which grabbed 8.0 million. Dance was up over its recent average, likely because of the appearance that Katie Holmes made where she sang and danced to “Get Happy” in a tribute to Judy Garland (and to promote her new do-gooder organization, The Dizzy Feet Foundation). In fact, it was the highest rated Thursday episode of Dance since June 11. The Bachelorette scored a season high for its two-hour episode, the last installment before the finale (which scored in last night’s ratings, as well, but that’ll be included in next week’s ratings wrap up).

As for the rest of the Top 20, the Wednesday edition of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance showed up at No. 13 with 7.4 million viewers, while ABC’s Wipeout and CBS’s Big Brother tied at No. 18 with 6.4 million viewers. Two premieres also appeared in the Top 20: Fox’s two-hour debut of Hell’s Kitchen drew 6.5 million viewers to land at No. 16, while ABC’s new twist on dating, Dating in the Dark, popped up at No. 20 with 6.1 million viewers. The full Top 20 appears after the jump.

1. America’s Got Talent Tuesday | NBC | 13.7 million

2. America’s Got Talent Wednesday | NBC | 11.3 million

3. NCIS (R) | CBS | 9.7 million

4. The Mentalist (R) | CBS | 9.6 million

5. Two and a Half Men (R) | CBS | 9.3 million

6. The Big Bang Theory (R) | CBS | 8.8 million

7. CSI: Miami (R) | CBS | 8.5 million

8. So You Think You Can Dance Thursday | Fox | 8.4 million

9. America’s Got Talent (R) | NBC | 8.3 million

10. The Bachelorette | ABC | 8.0 million

11. CSI (R) | CBS | 7.8 million

12. Law & Order: SVU (R) | NBC | 7.5 million

13. So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday | Fox | 7.4 million

14. 60 Minutes (R) | CBS | 7.3 million

14. CSI: NY (R) | CBS | 7.3 million

16. Criminal Minds (R) | CBS | 6.5 million

16. Hell’s Kitchen | Fox | 6.5 million

18. Wipeout | ABC | 6.4 million

18. Big Brother | CBS | 6.4 million

20. Dating in the Dark | ABC | 6.1 million

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