Julian Plenti

(Matthew Salacuse)


Julian Plenti Is...Skyscraper

Genre: Indie Rock; Lead Performer: Julian Plenti

Julian Plenti is ?actually Paul Banks of Interpol, New York’s most stylish indie-rock outfit. On his solo debut, Banks retains Interpol’s gloomy atmosphere — one tune is called ”No Chance Survival” — but exchanges the band’s orderly post-punk throb for a scrappier brand of alt-folk introspection. Given his chilly demeanor, Banks makes for an uneasy balladeer, and he sometimes overcompensates with treacly string ?arrangements. But on Skyscraper’s dark gems like ”Girl on the Sporting News,” where a slo-mo beat provides a crucial pulse, he imagines what Cat Power might sound like as a well-dressed dude. B?

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Originally posted July 29 2009 — 12:00 AM EDT

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