Ken Tucker
July 29, 2009 AT 02:25 PM EDT

The nerve — the gall! — of ABC to bump a new episode of our beloved Better Off Ted last night in favor of a rerun of The Bachelorette finale! (I half-expected ABC to try and repackage it as something new and call it The Bachelorette: Picking the Rose Thorns Out of My Backside.)

Of course, anything Bachelorette gets way bigger ratings than Ted, but you and I have come to treasure our weekly summer half-hour of new Ted brilliance, haven’t we? This last-minute yanking of Ted was an insult to our hardy cult.

Hey, I’ve got nothing against The Bachelorette. It has inspired one of EW’s finest ongoing TV Watches.

But didn’t you think rerunning it, and putting Ted, a show that’s struggling, in limbo — well, doesn’t that make you mad?

And come to think of it, wouldn’t Ted have made a better choice for Jillian than Ed?

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