Missy Schwartz
August 01, 2009 AT 04:32 PM EDT

“Losers are brilliant at making things pretty.” You don’t say! Gracias, Antonio Banderas for sharing that nugget of wisdom in the trailer for The Other Man, the new Liam Neeson movie due in theaters September 11. The busy clip — heated discussions over chess! speed-boat rides! a shoe factory! — gives us the sketch of the story: A married woman (Laura Linney) asks her husband (Neeson) if he ever wished he could sleep with someone else, which makes hubby suspicious and eventually, crazy jealous of the affair she had with an exotic foreigner who has strong opinions on, uh, those who never win (Banderas). Directed by Notes on a Scandal‘s Richard Eyre, The Other Man played at last year’s Toronto film fest, where it failed to make much of a splash. The general consensus was: hmm…great cast, but messy movie. (Variety sure wasn’t a fan.) The trailer succeeds in playing up the thriller aspect — hell hath no fury like an Irishman scorned! — but it seems unlikely the film will do business like Neeson’s recent surprise hit, Taken. Perhaps I’m underestimating the appeal of wife-snatching Spaniards named Rafe and impromptu waltzes among pink shoe boxes. Take a look at the trailer and weigh in: Will you go see The Other Man? And more importantly, if you had to choose between Banderas and Neeson, who’d it be? Me, I’m 100 percent Team Neeson.

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